Variant and Table Rules


  • You don’t regain hit points for taking a long rest, you can instead use hit dice to recover.
  • Healer’s Kit Dependency: A character can’t spend any Hit Dice after finishing a short rest until someone expends one use of a healer’s kit to bandage and treat the character’s wounds.


  • When you drop to zero hit points or fewer, you can’t speak until regain consciousness.
  • When you drop to zero hit points or fewer, and fail your first death saving throw, you will gain an injury.
  • When you recover from being at or below zero hit points, you gain a level of exhaustion.


  • We will pay closer attention to what everyone is carrying, both in bulk and weight as well as the availability of containers.
  • Follow the variant encumbrance rules on page 176 of the PHB.

Item Tracking

Make sure you are tracking all expendable items, from rations, to water, to healer’s kits, to ammunition.

You Say It…You Do It.

This is not a DM trap, and I am not going to be a dick and jump on everything you say. However…If you are discussing things out-of-character, be clear BEFORE you start talking. When you tell the DM what you are doing, you are describing what others will see you doing as you are doing it. Any attempts by others to change your mind or prevent you from doing something they don’t feel you should do will be interpreted by me as in-character descriptions as well.

No In-Combat Strategy Discussions

This is related to the above. When combat starts (or in the presence of NPCs for that matter) out-of-character discussions stop. During combat, discussions between players should be limited to only the kinds that can occur in the middle of a fight, brief and clear.

Better Be Ready

  • When your turn comes up, know what you are doing.
  • Reminder: There is no delay action. If you are not ready you will be skipped. If you wish to delay for tactical reasons, you will have to look at creative uses of the Ready action.


We will continue with a mixture of session and milestone level advancement.

Battle maps

  • We will use a mixture of TotM and battle maps, depending upon the complexity of the encounter.
  • Flanking rules apply
  • We will use 5/10/5 rules for diagonal movement

Variant and Table Rules

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